Project 5

 GRU-10-GIVE-DK-DJ- ”European Seniors Exchange Experience from a Social Café ”


Nominalizare_Portret_de_Voluntar_2011-Orizont_Cultural_T-SOCIAL CAFE-DK-final




Articol-ziar-Experienta de la o Cafenea sociala-DK

Articol-ziar-Experienta de la o Cafenea sociala-DK-final

Article-Editie+Speciala-GIVE-DK-pag 07 – 05 septembrie



GRU – GIVE -ORIZONT -prezentare




  1. Senior volunteers from a Social Café in Copenhagen, Denmark and senior volunteers from the Horizon Cultural T. Craiova, Romania had begun the cooperation by learning more about each other institutions and country, culture, experience in volunteering in the benefite of disadvantaged persons. Then they had plan for the 6 senior’s volunteers from each institution a 3 weeks volunteering exchange.
    Working as a team, we had decided during the exchange the volunteers to be engaged in social and educational volunteer activities, which benefit groups of adults and/ or youths from special needs groups.
    Our associations are both aimed at learning as a lifelong opportunity.
    The activities are non-profit, and are aimed at involving senior citizens of Europe in an active and positive manner.
    We had sent each other more information about the activities of association and senior’s profile.
    How we had planned, the seniors volunteers had been engaged in a local community actions, to gain knowledge, provide care and informal education, and take experiences back with them to further knowledge and connections between two very different European countries.
    It is based on the idea of a caring and socially orientated European Community, the volunteers will during the project; discover how each country is engaged in furthering good quality of life for its citizens.
    The basis of the activities are founded on a senior voluntary effort and being an important learning experience for the volunteers to take back to their home country.
    The mentors of both institutions and the volunteers had engaged in dialogue and will endeavor to stay curious and open minded, and will be encouraged to meet problems with a positive attitude and a sense of humor, where it is applicable.
    The volunteers will afterwards be involved in teaching others about their own findings.
    Denmark and Romania being such different members of the EU, it is envisaged that a lot of learning is gained both ways.

  2. On May 12-02 of June, the 6 Danish Senior volunteers will develop activities in Romanian partner institution, located in Craiova and region Dolj. The Danish coordinator/mentor will join the group in the last week-26-02nd of June.
    Sending Romanian senior volunteers was planned between on 28th of July-18th of August-2011. The coordinator/ mentor will join the group in the last week-11th -18th of August.

    On their return, the 6 seniors volunteer Danish and Romanian of every partner institution will write reports, will send each other photos, discovering and learning more about the importance of their actions for the community.

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