Project 8

ACTIV EU (Active European Citizens through volunteering)


Decizie-echipa- GIVE-Noto project-2013Criterii--echipa- GIVE-Noto project-2013Meeting-Seniors GIVE-Noto project-2013 011Meeting-Seniors GIVE-for-Noto project-2013 014



  1. The project ACTIV EU will also contribute to the well being of people, improving the quality of life within the partner institution, also in the local communities, through creating a set of suggestions regarding active and healthy lifestyle, health promotion, enabling, mediating and advocating, in the respect of human rights and equality as living the same Europe


  3. Project ACTIVE EU- GRU-13-GIVE-14-DJ-IT
    Preparatory visit, in Noto,Sicily, for meeting selected seniors, working for the project objectives !
    The senior volunteering team inform us about their volunteering activities, in the benefit of community. We learned about the life style, about the way people care about their healthy problems, about healthy natural dish, as well about festivals, celebration in Italy.
    Meeting in Noto, senior team involved in exchange volunteering activities in Romania, between 24- of June-to 14th of July.2-14
    NOTO-18-22 MARCH-2014

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